Behind The Collection - Metamorphosis

Perhaps it’s the end of year, but isn’t it nostalgic to dig through old photo albums and be reminded of our youth. “Was that really me?!”, as I cringe at the photo of my awkward grin which revealed a mouthful of braces. Nobody said the past was pretty. But is our past really so bad?

Sure, there was pain and tears. But if given a choice to erase the past, would you? I wouldn’t.

Like a callused foot of a ballerina, our past leaves scars and ugly bunions. As you are reminded of the pain, did you also realise that it’s also the same hardened skin from the constant abrasion that protects and prepares you for greater endurance?

As a dancer for many years, I can attest to the sheer hard work, and I express only utmost respect for professional dancers who dedicate their life to the arts. That’s why I started Allegro.

Everyone loves the majesty of the butterfly, as it spreads its beautiful wings and take flight on stage. “Bravo!”, the crowd goes wild as the prima donna lands the gazillion-ple pirouette. However, just like the butterfly whose average life span is only a month (yes, google it!), the adoration is short-lived.

I started Allegro not to celebrate the victory, nor the 5 minutes of brilliance on stage. Instead, Allegro wants to turn the spotlight onto the transition, on how we shed our dull and cracked mould and get to where we are now. That is why we have named our first collection Metamorphosis - First Flight of a Butterfly.

But I want to change the status quo. Well, someone’s gotta do it, and I would like you to join us on this first dance, as we move in coherence, to support a local social movement. We have decided to work with Very Special Arts (VSA) Singapore, to turn all your heads in discovering the artistic talent of these very special kids. It’s not all talk. We will also be sharing a part of our sales to fund their dreams.

With Allegro, know that you can be beautiful, and more.