Behind The Collection - Waves

For you, what comes and goes in waves?

For me, waves represent the ebbs and flows of life. For every high is accompanied with a low. In the highest of tides, we are dizzy with joy, rejoicing the victorious moments. But in the lowest, it is almost a slow serenity, like a deep heave of breath that releases the tension.

This collection, we are inspired by the immensely powerful ocean because unlike the great stoic mountains, the ocean waves seems to be on constant rage, where even the biggest cruise ships as big as mountains are lifted and tossed like salad.
Standing on the edge of the cliff, with arms wide open, it was a sobering moment where everything else is inconsequential. In the face of the almighty wave, you simply let go and perhaps that's the real epiphany - that once we let go, we can truly become the unstoppable wave that we were born to be.