Our Story

Imagine this - the sound of waves, the smell of fresh flowers, your skirt billowing in the wind.

At The Allegro Movement, we believe that to be alive, is to move. Not just walk and run, but to move with Allegro, which means to move in a lively and energetic manner.

We celebrate the art of Dance, where our body is the extension of our emotions. Our clothing is designed to highlight your movement, fluid and svelte, elegant and swift. Inspired by the elegance of ballet, each Allegro piece was lovingly designed to help you sashay, coupe, jete to your dreams and beyond.

We move with a purpose and a social one too. We started The Social Movement, where we support Very Special Arts Singapore (VSA) by donating a portion of our sales to fund the dreams of disabled artists, empower them through the arts, and integrate them into the community.

With a newfound cause, you will leap instead of skip, stride instead of step, groove instead of bop.

With Allegro, you will be more than just beautiful.